Herb Manager

Add an unlimited number of herbs 

Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about our software

Unlimited Herbs

Store an unlimited number of herb records in your dispensary, and start to database any information about a herb.

Herb Prices

Charge a cost per gram or ml and you can also set multiple price points based on volume ordered.

Monitor Herbs

Set Low Inventory Limits for each herb and easily see what is Low in Stock so you can re-order quickly!

What do You Get?

Your Dispensary includes a herb management system to keep your herbs in stock!

Herb Management

Managing hundreds of single herbs in various herb types is cumbersome.  Use our herb management system to finally organize what you have in stock, or what you may have it stock one day!   Use your herbs to create products and sell them in your own marketplace. 

Herb Pricing

Set your own prices per herb and add your cost of goods to ensure you are never losing money.   Optional pricing features lets you charge a specific amount based on the quantity ordered

Create Formulas with Herbs

Use your herbs to create an unlimited number of custom formulas which you can save.   For more information on Formulas, click here. 

More Features

  • Export your herbs into excel at anytime
  • Add unlimited images per herb
  • Access detailed reports to show sales and costs per herb
  • Create Products containing single herbs

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