Ship Orders to Practitioners and Patients

Shipping Features

Ship your Formulas and Products to anywhere in the world, the options are at your fingertips.  Running a small dispensary, just turn it off and let your patients walk out the door with their goods.   For Larger dispensaries, create your own shipping rates or offer free shipping.   Connect to all major shipping companies including FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post and more.   Our order management system allows you to edit any shipping price, even after the order has been placed, never leaving you scrambling.   

Create Rates

Create your own shipping prices based on the customers location and order price. 

Markup Shipping

Increase the price of real time rates by a flat amount or percentage 

Real-Time Rates

Connect to any major shipping carrier around the World and obtain accurate shipping rates

Edit Shipping Rates

Edit any shipping rate after the order is placed to ensure you are not losing money


Let customers pick up orders, perfect for smaller health care clinics who do not ship

Set Rates based on Location

Charge specific rates based on a customers location, including Country, City, 

Shipping Settings

Turn shipping on and off and pick your perfect delivery options

Choose Carrier Services

Pick and Choose which shipping options you offer per shipping carrier. 

Create your Dispensary

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