Sell to Practitioners

Create an unlimited number of private practitioner accounts.   Whether you are a large scale dispensary, a health clinic with multiple practitioners, each practitioner gets their own private space to manage their patients.     Practitioner accounts give users a personalized experience to interact with the platform the way they want!

Unlimited Practitioners

Add an unlimited number of practitioners to your account based on your subscription

Practitioner Management

Every Formula generates a practitioner infosheet and a patient infosheet 

Practitioner Registration

Practitoners can register by themselves giving the admin control over the registration process

Practitioner Approval

Approve practitioners before they get access to your dispensary, stopping anyone from unauthorized access. 

Private Practitioner Accounts

HIPAA compliant security provides a safe and private account for practitioners to upload patient data

Practitioner Settings

Practitioners can control their account and how it functions with specific practitioner controls and settings

Practitioner Discounts

Provide practitioners with discount codes and automatic discounts for products and custom formulas

Unlimited Practitioner Addresses

Add an unlimited number of practitioner addresses  

Practitioner Reports

Save preparation instructions for patients and merge into formulas with one-click. 

Practitioner Order History

Set refills on formulas for patients, and let them order it themselves.

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