Private Practitioner Accounts

With our super intelligent dispensary software

Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about Practitioner Accounts

Unlimited Practitioner Accounts

With Enterprise Level, sell to an unlimited number of Practitioners World-wide.

Sell Products & Formulas

Sell Single Herbs, Patents, Products and Custom Formulas to Practitioners. Provide Practitioners with their own secure account.

Order Markups

Let practitioners make a profit by marking up orders and having patients pay directly.

What do You Get?

Each of our software features can help you build & grow your dispensary quickly

Dispensary Software Dashboard

Private Practitioner Accounts

Provide every practitioners their own secure account to manage their patients, 

Practitioner Management

It is difficult to manage hundreds of herbs and products. Let our advanced herb and product inventory management system lend you a hand. Low stock inventory reports tell you exactly what you need to order.

Sell to Practitioners

Sell to an unlimited number of practitioners world-wide with our Enterprise Edition.  Clinic Owners can setup a store to let practitioners order directly for their patients, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!   

More Features

  • Practitioners can mark up orders
  • Practitioner Order History for Admin and Practitioners
  • Practitioners can order Custom Formulas or Products
  • Practitioner can set refills
  • Allow Practitioners to Customize Labels & Infosheets
  • Practitioners can mark up Orders to make a profit
  • Sell an Unlimited number of Products
  • Lots of Practitioner Settings to Customize the Dispensary

This is Dispensary Tree

Setup your Practitioner Accounts and Start Selling