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What is a premix Formula?

When a formula is premixed, it means the manufacture or the dispensary combines the formula ingredients together ahead of time. The final product contains ingredients which cannot be changed or modified. A common example would be a granule formula sold by the manufacturer.

Premix formulas can be used in a formula and can be combined with Single Herbs

When you use a premix formula in a formula, when you are fulfilling the order, you can specify which lot number you use for the premix. Premixes can have many different lot numbers like single herbs.

You can add premix formulas one by one into your catalog or you can import premix formulas.

Premix formulas contain many different ingredients. You can upload or enter the name of the premix only, or you can specify all the ingredients in the premix formula, and also print these herbs/ingedients onto the label. The ingredients in your premix do not have to be available in your catalog. For example, your premix formula may contain alcohol or sugar, and these ingredients can also be printed on the label, even though they may not be entered into your catalog.

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