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View Orders

 The order status tabs split orders into specific categories to make it easier to manage orders.  It is difficult to keep track of orders if all statuses are displayed together on one long list so we opt to spit orders with similar statuses.    

Pending Orders This is a list of all orders which have been submitted by a practitioner, and the patient is paying for the order.  Payment has not been accepted yet, so you should not prepare these orders. 
Paid + Pending (vouched) This tab lists all the orders which have been paid by the patient, and/or orders which have been submitted by a practitioner as vouched.   These orders are ready to be fulfilled/prepared.
Completed Orders (pending payment)This is a list of all orders which have been fulfilled and shipped, but you are still waiting for payment
All Other StatusesListing of orders with any other status( cancelled, on hold, refunded)
Completed OrdersThis is a list of all completed orders.  (paid in full and shipped)
BackordersThis is a list of any backordered items

The Tabs display a list of all your orders in a table; to view the details of the order, click on the order # which is highlighted in blue.

Information in Table Description
Order #Every Order has a unique number generated.  To view the actual order, click on the order #
Date SubmittedThe date the order was submitted
Practitioner NameThe name of the practitioner who submitted the order
Patient NameThe name of the patient if available on order
Order PriceThe total price of the order
StatusCurrent status of the order, also shown to practitioner.  Please see statuses.
Payment StatusPayment status of order.   We pre-authorize transactions so you can make changes to the order and then capture the final payment.  Please see statuses.
Payment LinksAbility to send a text or email notification to pay for the order.  Click on the icon to send a notification message.  You will only see these options if the patient is paying and the order is unpaid.  You can also access these links when viewing an order ( not in the list)  

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