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Tax Rules

Setup your Tax Accounts, before you setup your tax rules.

To ensure taxes are calculated, you must apply a rule. Once you create a rule, the system knows when to apply the tax. Tax rules are applied when the receipient of the order resides in a specific Country, State/Province, City/Town or Zip/Postal Codes. We call these geographical areas “Zones” and there are many zones already setup in your dispensary. You can add custom zones if they do not already exist. An example of a custom zone would be a list of zip or postal codes.

Adding a Tax Rule

Go to Admin > Settings > Orders > Tax Setting > Tax Rules

You will then be presented with a screen that looks like this

Click on “Add Tax Rule” and you will be presented with the following screen

Select the Zone you want this tax to be applied to, in this case you can search for Colorado ( which has already been presetup in your dispensary as a zone)

Select the Tax Account you already setup

Choose the tax Behavior

Enter a description (not mandatory)

Press Submit

Your Tax will now be applied when someone is receiving the order from Colorado. If the item is set to pickup, it will use your address setup in your profile.

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