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Refill Settings

You can control the refill settings for the entire website, and each practitioner can also control their own refills.

Turn Refills On or Off for Entire Website
You can turn refills off for the entire website by toggling this option to ON

Apply a default Refill Setting to ALL orders
To set a default refill to all orders, turn this option to ON. If you set it to OFF, refills will still be ON, but there will not be any default refill settings applies, and the practitioner will need to add this manually to each item in their order. If you turn this off, the following options will disappear.

Default Refills for Custom Formulas
You can set default refills for custom formulas. If you have more than one herb type, you can set specific default refills for each herb type, or you can set the same default refill settings for all herb types, or you can set specific default refill settings for each herb type seperately.

Default Refill Settings for Products
You can set default refill settings for products sold in your dispensary to patients.

Refill Options
You can set the following options when applying refills

Number of Refills Allowed
This is the maximum number of refills the patient can order for a particular custom formula or product

Days Allowed between Refills
This is how often a patient can order a refill. This stops a patient from ordering all their refills all at once.

Refill Expiry Date
This is the last day the patient can order a refill, to stop a patient from ordering a refill after a specific date.

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