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Refill Settings

The refill settings will control the default settings for practitioners when they create a new account. These settings will not update a specific practitioners settings or change all the practitioners settings.

Turn Refills On or Off for Entire Website
This will make the refills function off for practitioners, but practitioners can still turn it on again.

Apply a default Refill Setting to ALL orders:
This will apply a default refill settings in the practitioner account, which will be applied to all formula or products.

Custom Formula Refill Settings
You can set default refill settings for custom formulas. You have a choice to apply a default for all herb types, or you can apply different default refill settings per herb type.

No. of Refill Allowed: Default setting for the number of refills to set for a custom formula or product

Days Allowed between refills: The default setting for the number of days between each refill allowed.

Expires after: The number of days after the creation date or order date of the custom formula or product.

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