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Orders Overview

Your dispensary accepts orders from practitioners and patients and then you will fulfill formulas by measuring out specific herbs for a formula, or selling a product off the shelf.

If you are a solo practitioner, you still need a practitioner account, and you still need to submit your orders into the admin.

The admin account accepts all the orders and once you fulfil an order, the inventory levels automatically update. 

Once you receive an order from a practitioner, it lands up in your “View Orders” list in admin. From there someone can fulfill the order by printing a label & info sheet, and also preparing the actual formula / product.

When you prepare a formula, you are telling the dispensary system how much of each herb went into the order, and which lot number you are using. If you are not tracking lot numbers, the system automatically picks the oldest lot number for you and also auto populates the quantity from the ordered formula. When you finish fulfilling the order, the inventory quantities of each herb or premix is adjusted accordingly and the item in the order is changed to Fulfilled.

Practitioners are able to cancel an order up until any item in the order is fulfilled. Practitioners can do this in their account, by locating the order in Order History and choosing cancel from the Action List next to the order. This option disappears once fulfillment begins (not finished).

Why do I need to Fulfill Orders?
You need to fulfill orders because we need to tell the dispensary system which lot numbers you are using for the order and how much you actually measured. It is not good enough to just create the order, the main goal is to track lots and quantities. A formula may call for 8g, but the fulfiller measures out 8.1g. To properly keep track of inventory, the fulfiller should enter the exact amount put into the formula during fulfillment.

During the fulfillment process, the system does a check to ensure the right quantities are entered for each herb. If a quantity is off, it will warn you and let you go and re-check your formula. You can still fulfill a formula with incorrect amounts and the system will only warn you the quantity doesn’t match.

Example Total Herb required is 10g, LotA is 5g and LotB is 3g, the system will warn you that the quantity is off.

If you make a mistake you can press the red button “Waste” and all herbs which have a quantity in the box will be reduced by this amount and marked as waste. This is useful if you accidentally drop your formula on the floor or add the wrong herb by mistake and it cannot be undone. After you waste the herbs, you can fulfill the formula from scratch.

Some dispensaries use barcode scanning to fulfil orders. If someone is fulfilling an order and scans an incorrect herb, the system will warn the user that the herb is not in the order.

With this system, patients can pay directly for an order. Dispensaries will wait until the order is paid before fulfilling it. If we automatically deducted inventory at the time of the order, the order may never be paid by the patient and then we need to reverse it. Instead there is a feature to hold inventory as “committed” for X amount of days before returning it to the available state. This allows you to sell inventory to another patient/customer instead of having it tied up if a patient takes an extended period of time to pay. It is not a concern for dispensaries who sell to patients on the spot.

The system does have refill capabilities, so a practitioner could let a patient purchase a refill themselves or a practitioner can setup a refill for a patient, and notify them to pay by text or email.

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