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Inventory is the stock levels you have of each herb, so you always know how much of each herb, product or premix you have on hand. Inventory is not the items you have available in your dispensary. First you add the herbs, products and premix formulas you want, then you add the amount you have of each. This section deals with adding inventory/stock levels to your dispensary by uploading it. Generally when you first begin your dispensary, its easier to upload your current stock levels all at once, instead of adding it one by one. This article deals with adding all your stock levels using a CSV file.

You can add inventory to your dispensary with 2 methods. 

1.   Upload Manually ( this is what is traditionally done when you receive new herbs and products on a day to day basis) 

2.   Upload by CSV

This article will explain how to upload your stock levels by CSV. 

How it Works

  1. Generate an import file.   You can do this by going to Admin>Settings> Data>Import New Data> Inventory
  2. Choose the type of data you want to Import
    A) All Catalog Products
    B) Single Herbs
    C) Premix Formulas
    D) Products
    E) Single Herbs + Premix Formulas
    F) Single Herbs + Products
    G) Products + Premix Formulas
  3. Choose the Name Type you want to use ( PinYin, English, Latin, Chinese)
  4. A CSV inventory file will be generated and you can download it
  5. Enter the qty and lot number for each item in your inventory file
  6. If you have more than one lot#, just duplicate the row and enter the second lot number and qty.   If you have more than 2 lot numbers for an item, keep adding more rows. 
  7. Save your file, and upload the file to Admin>Settings> Data>Import New Data> Inventory

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