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Herb Prices

You have full control over your herb prices.    We created a master page where you can update your herb prices easily.  

Go to Admin > Catalog > Prices

This page lets you update herb prices for every single in your catalog.   It will also show you your cost of goods.  

If you are using tiered pricing, you can also update each tier price.  

Admin > Catalog Settings > Herb Price Tiers

This functionality lets you charge a different price based on the amount being ordered. This allows you to charge more or less based on the quantity of the herb in the formula. The idea is to give patients and practitioners a price break if they are ordering a large quantity and/or charge more for small quantities.

Updating Prices

Catalog Settings <  Herb Price Slab

If you used tiered pricing, you can update the price levels using this page. (faster method if you want to update just some herb prices)

You can also export your herbs in csv, update the prices, and then upload again.  ( faster method if you have to update a lot of herb prices at once)

You can update a herb price 2 ways:

Update Price via Herb Record

You can update the price of a herb by going to the herb record and changing the price manually. This is the easiest way when you need to update one or two herbs quickly. You can also change the price of each pricing tier if you have enabled this on your dispensary.

Go to Catalog Settings >  Herbs > Find Herb > View Herb > Select Prices Tab — Update Unit Price

Update Price Tiers

We have created one large page, so you can update all your tiered pricing ( price slabs)

Go to Catalog Settings >  Herb Price Slab

You will see a page with updatable information.    Search for your herb and update the price, and press save at the bottom of the page. 

The amounts in brackets ( 0-5) is the range.   In this case, charge 26 cents if the practitioner orders between 0 and 5ml.  

Change Price Ranges

For each herb type you can set up to 5 tier ranges.


From 1 to 10g charge x amount
From 10.1 to 25g, charge y amount
From 25.1 to 50g, charge z amount

Selling Price

For every herb you have a “selling price” If you do not use price tiers, it will charge the practitioner the selling price. Your selling price is always your default price. If the amount ordered doesn’t fall between any range, it will default to your selling price.

Update Price Tiers

You can update your price tiers in your dispensary Admin. Go to Admin > Catalog > Prices and then there is a link to select “Tier Ranges”

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