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Fulfillment Tab

Preparation Tab


The preparation tab is where you prepare the ordered items (both custom formulas and products), and tell the system which lot#’s you are using, and final weight measured.  

How it works:

The herbs in the order are shown, and it is the job of the herbalist/fulfiller to enter the lot#’s they are using and the weight/quantity they measured.   If you do not update the system with the actual weight measured, your inventory will slowly become inaccurate. 

Note:  If you are not keeping track of lot#’s you can just measure out the herbs and put them in the bottle/container, the default lot# and value is already selected and populated for you.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.39.53.png

Preparation Tab Fields

Product or Formula NameLists the name of the product or formula name provided by practitioner
PatientLists the patient name if applicable
Unit PriceLists the unit price of the item in the order
Markup TypeShows you if a % or Flat Amount. You can change the option chosen
Markup AmountShows the total markup amount (if any). You can modify this value
Total Price (per product)Shows the Total Price (unit price + markup)
Item StatusShows the status of the item.  You can have 3 items in an order, and mark 1 of them as back ordered.  This item will be placed in the backordered item tab.
EditYou can edit the item in the order. If it’s a custom formula, you can edit the formula, and the price, invoice, and order details will automatically be updated
DeleteYou can delete the item in the order
Print Info-sheetClick on this link to print the info-sheet. It will generate the info-sheet in pdf and you can print it on any printer. You can also bulk print infosheets, and also update your info-sheet settings
Print LabelClick on this link to print the label. It will generate the label in pdf, and you can print it on your printer. You can also bulk print labels, and also update your label settings

Prepare / Fulfilling Orders

When you are ready to prepare your formula, click on “Fulfill Order” and you will be a shown a screen similar to the one below. 

You can toggle between different herb names. 

  1. All the herbs are shown in the order
  2. The oldest lot# is chosen by default
  3. You can manually select the lot# from the drop down if you are not using barcode scanning
  4. You can view each ingredient using different name types, just select which one you want to view.  
  5. If you need to add more than one lot# for each herb, select the button and a new line will appear with the herb you selected
  6. You can turn lots off while you are fulfilling formulas by toggling the lot control to OFF. 
  7. When you are finished, click on the submit button and it will analyze your formula to ensure you didn’t make any mistakes.
  8. The system will make sure you have the correct amounts indicated in the formula and show you which lot numbers you selected. 

Review Formula Screenshot

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 12.08.49.png

9. If you need to revise something or start again, click on CLOSE

10. If you are happy with everything, click on CONFIRM AND FULFILL 

11.  Your formula or product is now fulfilled and will be marked “fulfilled successfully”  You cannot undo this.  

Re-Fulfill Formulas

If you need to re-fulfill the formula for any reason, click on re-fulfill and the system will let you re-do the fulfillment.

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