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Discount Setting

There are currently 2 discount options

Calculate Discount Including Markup Amount
Practitioners are able to mark up orders, which increases the price. When it comes time to calculating a discount, this option will either calculate it on the price of the order before or after the markup is applied. If the base price is $10, and the markup is $10, the final price will be $20. If we calculate the discount including the markup, and the discount is 10%, it will discount the order by $2. 10% of $20. If we calculate the discount not including the markup, the discount would be $1.

Automatic Discounts
Automatic discounts is an option to provide a discount to a practitioner without the practitioner needing to enter a discount code. You can turn this function ON or OFF.

If Automatic Discounts are ON, you can apply an automatic discount globally for ALL practitioners or you can set an automatic discount for a specific practitioner.

Go to Admin > Discounts > Automatic Discounts Tab

There are 2 tabs, Product Discounts and Custom Formula Discounts.

Create Product Discount Globally ( All Practitioners)

  1. Click on “Add Product Discount”
  2. Enter the Discount Amount. You have a choice between a percentage discount or a fix/flat discount
  3. Select the product(s) you want to give a discount.
  4. Press Save
  5. You can create unlimited number of discounts

Create a Custom Formula Discount Globally

  1. Click on “Add Custom Formula Discount”
  2. Enter the amount of the discount, as a percentage or fixed amount
  3. Select the herb type you want the discount applied towards

Please be cautious about providing a fixed amount discount for custom formulas. If you give $5 off a custom formula, the practitioner could create a $5 formula and receive the formula for free. We will add custom formula minimum purchases in the future.

How is an Automatic Discount Applied?

Custom Formula Builder
When a practitioner is building a formula, it shows them the price of the formula at the bottom of the page. The original amount will be crossed out, and the discounted rate will show.

Product Pages / Lists
In the practitioner account, when a practitioner is viewing a product on the list view or details page of the product. The original price will be crossed out and the discount rate will show.

Shopping Cart / Checkout Page
In the practitioner account, when viewing the shopping cart page or the checkout page, the original amount will be displayed & crossed out and the discount rate will show to the practitioner.

Create an Automatic Discount for a Specific Practitioner

You can create an automatic discount for a specific practitioner. To accomplish this, go to the practitioner profile in the Admin, and click on the Settings Tab. Then go to the ‘Discount’ tab. You can create an automatic discount which will be applied to only this specific practitioner.

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