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Container Settings

Container settings let you define which bottles/Containers or packaging you will use with your custom formulas.

Example, a 500ml Tincture will fit into a specific bottle
Example 2, a 234g granule custom formula will fit into a specific bottle.

You can create specific containers, and then match the containers to specific labels you create. The system will then know which container to based on the size of your formula and also which label to use.

Container Weight – If you enter the container weight, the system will use this information to calculate shipping prices, and add this weight to the weight portion of the shipping calculation.

Add New Container

  1. Click on “Add New Container”
  2. You will be presented with the following screen

Name: Enter the name of your container so its easily identifiable to you. Example “Granule Container Small”
Select Herb Type: Choose the herb type which pertains to this container
Height: Enter the height of the container in inches
Width: Enter the width of the container in inches
Length: Enter the length of the container in inches
Container Weight/Volume Range: Enter the formula weight or volume range that this container applies to. If you use this container for granule formula between 100g and 200g, you would enter 100 and 200, without the ‘g’
Choose Label – Choose the label this container applies to. You can also choose this option in Label Design Settings

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