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Adding Inventory

Admin > Inventory > Add

As you purchase more inventory you will need to add it easily to your dispensary. 

1.  Search for the herb, premix or product you want to add inventory stock to.  You can type in any name type into the box

2.  The type and sku will automatically be populated for you. 

3.  Enter the qty of the item you are entering in grams, ml or oz depending on the herb type and your inventory settings.  (most dispensaries are in grams and mililiters)  

4.  Choose an existing lot number or create a new one

4.  Enter an expiry date (optional) 

5.   Continue to enter more herbs or product inventory into the system

6.   Press Submit

7.   A confirmation page will be shown to you with the inventory you just added to your dispensary. 

8.  If you made a mistake, you can click on “modify” and change the values or delete the entry.  

9.  If you go to the “Inventory History” page, you can see all the new transactions, marked as “new” 

10.  If the lot number already existed, the new amount will be added to the lot and be shown on the Single Lot History Page.  


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