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Add New Products

Add Product

To add a product, select “add product” from the product management page. 

Step 1 – Fill out the following fields

Enter InformationDescription
Product NameEnter the name of product as you want it displayed on the website and on receipts
AttributeSelect Product Type
StatusChoose to Publish, Pending Review or Save as Draft
SKUEnter a SKU# you want to use
BrandEnter the Brand ( optional)
Short Description Enter a short description of the product to be displayed on the website. 

2.  Press Save

3.  Fill out the following Information in each tab. Make sure you save each tab before moving to the next tab.

CategoriesSelect one or more categories for the product
PricesEnter the price for the product
Shipping DetailsFor future use, you can enter the shipping dimensions and weights.  We will use this information for shipping purposes in the future.  Not Mandatory
ImagesUpload an image of the product
There are other sections available, but they are not necessary at this point. 

4. Press Save.

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