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Add Formula Template

Add Formula Template


Click here for Help on ‘What is a Formula Template

You can also Import Formula Templates

Adding template is split into 2 stages.   

1.   Enter Template Information

2.   Edit and Verify Templates

3.   Edit and Verify Herb Products

To create a new template, you must first enter the following information. 

Template Name
Enter the Name of your formula based on how you want it to show in the practitioner website. 

Add a description for the template formula (optional) 

Number of Days
Enter the number of days for the formula (this can be edited later)

Doses Per Day
Enter the doses per day for the formula (this can be edited later)

Template For 
Pick one or more herb types that you want the template created for. 

Herb Product
Choose one or more herb types to create a herb product based on the template.  (optional)

Formula Ingredients
Enter the herbs in the formula and the daily raw amount or proportion (%)

The system will use the values you enter to make the template in each dosing mode for each herb type you select.   On the next page, you can see all the calculations and edit the template.   

Click Preview Template

The system will now show you for every herb type you selected, the template for each dosing mode.    You can edit the templates for each herb type and dosing mode.  


Herbs Not Found

Your template may have herbs available in one herb type and not another herb type.   The system will show you which herbs are not available in a particular herb type.   You can leave them in the template or delete them.  If the herb is not available, the herb will not be selected when a practitioner selects the template.   If it becomes available in the future, then it will be available for the practitioner.   

Herb Products

Herb Products allow us to easily order a formula without having to use the Custom Formula Builder.   We wanted an easy way to create herb products without having to enter the formula again.   We added functionality to use a formula template, and automatically make it into a herb product at the same time!  

This will be slightly changed soon, so you can select any template when you create a herb product.   For now its an easy way to create herb products from the your templates.Herb Products created from the templates area will still show in  Admin > Catalog > Herb Products 

Press Confirm and Save

When you are happy with the templates you have created and edited them to your satisfaction, save them and they will be available to your practitioners.  


You can edit templates to modify your template

You can turn the status of the template to ON/OFF

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