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Add a Practitioner

You can add a practitioner to your account manually through the admin or you can allow a practitioner to register for an account with your dispensary.

1. Adding a Practitioner

  • Go to the Admin, and click on Practitioners and select “Add New Practitioner” OR from the top menu, click on “Add” and select “Practitioner”
  • Fill out the required information and press submit
  • Do not forget to activate their account
  • An email will be sent to the practitioner letting them know about their new account. You can modify this email if you want.

2. Practitioner Registration Form

Practitioners can register for an account if you have activated this feature. You can control which information is required for a practitioner to register by modifying your Registration Form Settings.

After the practitioner fills out the Registration form, you will be notified in the Admin about the registration and the Dispensary Admin will also receive an email.

The Dispensary Admin must approve the account before the practitioner has access to their private account.

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