Dispensary Patient Manager

Patient Features

The administration and each individual practitioner can add an unlimited number of patients.   Track every item prescribed to a patient and easily order it again with a few clicks.   Avoid the hassle of managing patients by providing every patient with their own account, to pay for orders, refill prescriptions, and manage their account settings.   With our advanced dispensary controls, you can choose how your dispensary interacts with patients from turning off patient accounts to modifying notifications sent to patients.   

Unlimited Patients

Practitioners can add an unlimited number of patients

Patient Verification

Patients can verify themselves and access their account. 

Patient Accounts

Allow Patients to login to their own account to order refills, pay for orders and view details about their order.  

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload your patients using csv file

Multiple Addresses

Create multiple shipping addresses per patient and ship orders to any address.   Anyone can manage patient addresses.

Order History

Anyone can view the order history of patients and easily re-order formulas and products quickly. 

Custom Labels

Assign specific labels to each individual patient

Patient Tagging

Tag any item in your dispensary to patients so you can keep track of what you order for them. 

Patient Refills

Set refills on custom formulations and products to let your patients order refills themselves.  

Patient Formulas

Create custom formulas for patients which can be modified over and over again

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