Unlimited Patient Accounts

With our super intelligent dispensary software

Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about our software

Unlimited Patient Accounts

Create Unlimited patients and Unlimited Patient Accounts

Patient Refills

Practitioners can set refills on Custom Formulas and Products which can be ordered directly by Patients

Patient Managmenet

Practitioners and the Dispensary Admin can Manage Patients and the Patient Accounts.

What do You Get?

Each of our software features can help you build & grow your dispensary quickly

Unlimited Patient Accounts

Create an unlimited number of patient accounts to allow patients to manage their account details and settings.   This saves dispensary support time and reduces support requests.  

Patient Refills

Practitioners can set refills on custom formulas and products for patients.   Let patients order refills themselves when they are ready!

Patient Management

Manage patients easily by updating their username, password, shipping address, account setting & more!

More Features

  • Patients can save Credit Card Information Securely
  • Patients can set default Shipping Addresses
  • Patients can access Invoices, Info-sheets and Labels for their orders
  • Sell Products
  • Patient Account
  • Analytics
  • Supported Products
  • Notifications

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