Accept, Manage and Process Orders

Order Features

Receive Orders from one centralized order management system which lets you have full control over the fulfillment process.   Even after orders are submitted you can edit the order and everything is automatically updated for you, saving you countless hours of back and forth between you and practitioners.   For health care clinics, you can turn many aspects of the order management system off, removing unnecessary functions.   

Order View

View all your Orders in one area and manage their statuses

Fulfill Orders

Package orders by fullfilling them and specifying lot numbers used for every herb and product.  

Edit Orders

After orders are submitted, you can edit the order and the Label, Infosheet and Invoice are updated automatically. 

Bulk Print Labels

Bulk print formula labels for multiple orders at the push of a button

Bulk Print Info Sheets

Bulk print info sheets for multiple orders at the push of a button


Manage backorders for out of stock products and herbs

Categorize Orders

Group orders based on order status to easily manage orders

Edit Shipping

Edit Shipping Prices, and change the shipping address

Paying Party

Change who is going to pay for the order

Order History

View changes to the order statuses and notification history. 

Collect Money

Collect money owing on orders by Text or Email

Email & Text Customers

Send Email and Text Notifications to Customers about their order

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