Manage Dispensary Orders

With our super intelligent dispensary software

Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about our software

Accept Orders

Your Dispensary is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Practitioners can submit orders anytime!

Fulfill Orders

Specify which lot numbers you use for every custom formula and process products and Ship!

Collect Payments

Connect directly to Credit Card Processors and Accept Money Online easily!

Herb and Product Management Features

Each of our software features can help you build & grow your dispensary quickly

Manage Dispensary Orders

Each DispensaryTree customer receives a Dispensary Admin Account.
This is where you control and manage your dispensary and set it up how you want

Fulfill Orders

Process and Fulfill Orders by Printing Custom Labels and Info-sheets, packaging, shipping and collecting your money!    Your inventory is automatically updated!

Accept Money Online

Receive Money Online

Connect directly with various Credit Card Processors and start your online dispensary and earn revenue.   Help your business grow!   Your funds are deposited directly into your bank account.   

More Features

  • Print Custom Labels and Infosheets
  • Bulk Print Labels, Info-sheets and Invoices
  • Preauthorize Payments
  • Edit Orders after they have been submitted
  • Update Shipping
  • Patients or Practitioners can Pay

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