Track Herb Lot Numbers & Quantity

Inventory Features

It is increasingly important you can track every lot for every herb and product a herbalist prescribes to a patient.  Many governments and industry governing organizations are mandating it. You probably have hundreds of herbs, and many products and doing this manually is near impossible and time consuming.    Throw all that away and adopt faster and more convenient technologies for managing an unlimited number of herbs, products and their associated lot numbers.   Step into the Dispensary Tree system which does it all for you!       






Herb Lot Number Tracking

Track lot numbers for your herbs which can be tracked

Add Inventory

Add New Inventory to your dispensary with one simple form. 

Low Stock Reports

Set Low stock Levels to see what needs to be re-ordered.

Modify Inventory

Modify your stock levels by increasing or decreasing it

Inventory History

See the history of every herb, product and lot number in your dispensary

Total Inventory

See the total amount of herbs and products you have in stock

Create your Dispensary

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