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Track herbs and products

Track Herb Inventory & Lot Numbers

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Track Herbs

Track any herb in any form

Track Products

Manage your product inventory

Low Stock Reports

Let your software tell you when to order more!

Inventory Features

Finally an Inventory system built for Herbalists

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Control Your Inventory

— Add New Inventory

— Modify Existing Inventory

— Inventory Reports


Low Stock Reporting

Set Re-Order Levels for Every Herb and Product
Low Stock Reports
Filter Items by Supplier or Brand Name
Purchase Orders (Coming Soon)

Track Lot Numbers

Track which formula or patient receives which herb lot#  
Enter new lot numbers
Track Expiry Dates 

More Inventory Features

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Bulk Print Barcodes
  • Use the weight of herbs, containers and products for real time shipping rates

Start Automatically Tracking your Herb and Product Inventory