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Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about our software

Unlimited Formula Templates

Create and upload an unlimited number of formulas to be used by any practitioner!

Premix Formulas

Database any premixed formula and print the herbs on the label

Formula Sharing

Share formulas with other practitioners using your dispensary

What do You Get?

Each of our software features can help you build & grow your dispensary quickly

Premix Formulas

Formulas often are purchased premixed by the manufacturer.   Database every premix formula or create your own.   Print herb names on custom labels when using premix formulas in a Custom Formula.   Combine premix formulas with single herbs. 

Formula Templates

Create or upload an unlimited number of Formula Templates which can be used as-is or modified by Practitioners.   Easily create a template in more than one herb type easily.  

Formula Sharing

Create and Save any custom formula in raw (bulk), Granule, Tincture and Concentrate. Easily re-create any saved formula and order it for any patient. Our customizable formula builders let you

More Formula Features

  • Accept money right online and directly into your bank account.
  • Set your own shipping rates per shipping Zone and based on Order Amount or Connect to almost any Shipping Carrier Worldwide to generate on-demand rates.
  • Access detailed reports to show you the activity and revenue in your dispensary. Track cost of goods and always know how much money you are making.

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