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You have just signed up most likely, and you are ready to start organizing your dispensary. The following contains information which will make your journey easier.

  1. Watch the videos during setup, it will help you learn how to setup faster.
  2. This software is built for herbal medicine practitioners who want to build custom formulations, save them, re-use them, and order them for patients. You can also sell products.
  3. Learning the platform takes about 2 to 4 weeks. Watch my videos, it will go a lot faster
  4. You are going to have access to features that you do not need. You can turn most things off and get them out of the way, but there will still be features that are hanging around that you will never need. ( at least for now)
  5. The software holds data about single herbs, premix formulas and products you sell. At this moment in time, this is not tied at all to how much you have of it. When you are setting things up, first you must add WHAT YOU HAVE, and then at the very moment you are ready to go “live” and start using it, then you are going to add HOW MUCH you have of everything.
  6. You can add more than what you actually have. You may add herbs that you currently don’t have in stock, but you know you will want to build formulas with them, or possibly acquire one day in the future.
  7. You can turn ALMOST every feature off in the dispensary. We are working hard to offer more functionality, so things will always be changing.

There are three sets of important data to initially upload, and they may not all apply to you. SINGLE HERBS, PREMIX FORMULAS and PRODUCTS.
If you encounter any issues with getting data into the system, just send the csv file to and let us look at your file. We are here to help.

Start Setup

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