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Dispensary Setup Part 2

If you have gone through dispensary setup part 1 already, the following are items which can enhance your dispensary and make it more customized for you.

Products Linked to Single Herbs and Premix Formulas
You can create products using single herbs or premixed formulas from your inventory.  This may include a common formula that is purchased but not modified.  ‘Herb products‘ cannot be added to a custom formula, but if someone orders a herb product, you can adjust your inventory levels when they order it.  

Date Display
Everyone likes to view their dates different. You can choose how you display dates throughout your dispensary. Example YYYY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YY.  
Go to Admin > Websites > Practitioner Website and also go to the tab “Admin Website”. On both these pages, you can specify how you want the date displayed.

Formula Builder Setup
There are specific custom formula builder options which allow you to control the formula builder pages and its options. Click here for help on customizing the Formula Builders.

Currency Symbol
You can choose the currency symbol shown throughout your dispensary.

Order Prefix
You can specify the order prefix for order numbers which will appear on the invoice.

You can permit practitioners to markup orders to make a profit. You can turn this function off and it will be hidden from practitioners.

Email Notifications
Email notification can be sent to either patients, practitioners or the admin.  You can modify these email messages and even create your own email messages which you can send to patients and practitioners. 

Text Message Notifications
Text messages can be sent to either patients or practitioners. You can modify the text messages and even create your own text messages which you can send. 

Patient Website
You can turn the patient website on and off, and modify its settings.

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