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Bulk Update Existing Data

If you want to update existing data, you can export your data into a CSV file. Then you can change any of the data in the exported file and then you can upload the changed CSV file back into your dispensary.

Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Export

Export your Data

Make a copy of the file, or just download the data twice. This ensures you have a back up file. We can’t stress the importance of doing a backup just in case of technical difficulty or human error!!

Make changes to the file as you see fit.

Then re-upload the file, go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import > Existing Data, then choose the correct tab based on the information you are uploading. If you are updating the single herbs data, click on the ‘herbs’ tab and upload the changed CSV file to this location.

The system will verify your data and ensure it is correct and not missing any important information

After the data is reviewed by the dispensary system, you can submit it.

After it is uploaded, check to make sure the changes were implemented.

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