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Import New Inventory

What is Inventory in Dispensary Tree?
Inventory is the stock levels you have of each herb. It solely deals with how much you have of everything and tracks how you consume it.

This section deals with adding inventory/stock levels to your dispensary by uploading it in BULK. Generally when you first begin your dispensary, its easier to upload your current stock levels all at once, instead of adding it one by one. For most dispensaries, they add it manually one by one when receiving new inventory.

NEW DISPENSARIES – Only upload your initial stock amounts once you are ready to go “LIVE” and use the dispensary. You can pratice without having inventory as long as you have uploaded single herbs, premix formula or products.

Video Demonstration

Watch this demonstration to save yourself some headache when uploading Inventory / Stock amount.

How it Works

  1. Go to Admin>Settings> Data>Import New Data> Inventory
  2. Generate an Import File by selecting the following information

Choose the type of data you want to Import

A) All Catalog Products

B) Single Herbs

C) Premix Formulas

D) Products

E) Single Herbs + Premix Formulas

F) Single Herbs + Products

G) Products + Premix Formulas

Choose the Name Type you want to see in the CSV file ( PinYin, English, Latin, Chinese)

A CSV inventory file will be generated and you can download it

Enter the qty and lot number for each item into your inventory file

If you have more than one lot# for an item, just duplicate the row and enter the second lot number and qty.  If you have more than 2 lot numbers for an item, keep adding more rows. 

Save your file, and upload the file to Admin>Settings> Data>Import > New Data> Inventory

Previous Inventory Levels
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