Build Custom Formulas

Formula Builders which you can customize

Several Things Worth Mentioning

Some basic features about our Custom Herbal Medicine Formula Builders

Unlimited Formulas

The dispensary admin and all practitioners can add an unlimited number of formulas.

Share Formulas

Practitioners can share formulas with other practitioners.

Supported Herbs

Build Formulas using Raw, Granule, Tincture and Concentrates

What do You Get?

Each one of our software features can help you build & grow your dispensary quickly

Custom Herb Formula Builders

Create custom formulations you can save or order for patients in a flash!   Your dispensary supports Raw Herbs, Tinctures, Granules and Concentrates.    Build a formula from scratch or add one or more formulas together.   

Share Formulas with Other practitioners

Set your formulas to private or public and share them with other practitioners using your dispensary.  Turn Sharing on and off. 

Database your Formulas

Each practitioner can create and manage an unlimited number of formulas.  Formulas are saved every 60 seconds as you build them.   You can use and modify your formulas at any time and re-use them over and over again for any patient.   The Dispensary Admin can create unlimited Formula Templates!

More Features

  • Create Formula Templates for every Practitioner
  • Formulas are saved every 60 seconds while you build them so you do not lose your work
  • Tag Patients to Formulas
  • Tag Formulas as Favorite for easier accessability
  • Search for Formulas

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Start Building and Saving Custom Formulations