Custom Herbal Medicine Formula Builder

Formula Features

If you are a herbalist or running a large-scale dispensary, the ability to create and re-order custom formulas is at the heart of herbal medicine.  Now you can tap into our technology to take your dispensary to the next level.    Our Custom formula solution makes provides you a solution to completely revolutionize how you practice and dispense herbal medicine.   Imagine having thousands of formulas at your fingertips, with the ability to create stunning labels and professional information sheets for practitioners and patients.   Easily use any templateformula to craft the perfect formula, which you can modify over and over again, for any patient.   Formulas are saved every 60 seconds so you never lose your work.   Build, Fufil, Order and Repeat.    Start using our custom formula builder solution for your dispensary.  

Herb Types

Create custom formulas in Raw, Granules, Tincture and Concentrates


Every Formula generates a practitioner infosheet and a patient infosheet 

Formula Labels

Every Formula generates a custom label you can control

Premix Formulas

Add premix formulas to a custom formula and add singles herbs to it. 

Add On Services

Charge extra money for additional services for each formula

Dosage Modes

Choose various dosage modes to build formulas using different calculations

Custom Formula Builders

Modify the Formula Builders to suit your needs, turn sections on and off, and modify your dosage instructions with our dosage builder

Formula Saving

Formulas are saved every 60 seconds, so you never lose your work. 

Preparation Templates

Save preparation instructions for patients and merge into formulas with one-click. 

Dosage Modes

Choose various dosage modes to build formulas using different calculations


Set refills on formulas for patients, and let them order it themselves.


Define different packaging materials and create specific labels for each size container per herb type

Formula Sharing

Share Formulas securely with other Practitioners in your dispensary

Herb Names

Build Formulas in Latin, English, Pinyin or Chinese 

Formula Converting

Convert Formulas from one herb type to another

Saved Formulas

Re-create and save any formula, or easily drop previous formulas into a new formula

Create your Dispensary

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