Single Herbs, Premix Formulas and Products

CAtalog Features

Sell Unlimited Products & Herbs

Your dispensary allows you to store products, herbs and premix formulas.   Categorize, dateabase and store an unlimited number of catalog products.   Herbs and premix formulas can be added to custom formulas or sold in bulk.   Sell products to patients, and keep track of your stock amounts with your inventory management system.  

Single Herbs

Store an unlimited number of single herbs in granule, raw/bulk, tincture or concentrate format. 

Herb Products

Create products from single herbs and premix formulas to be sold to patients. 

Premix Formulas

Create premixed formulas and list the ingredients in the premix formula on infosheets and labels. 


Create an unlimited number of products to sell in your dispensary. 

Manage Prices

Easily update prices for single herbs and premix formulas with our one page price updater. 

Product Categories

Categorize your products for easy access.

Tiered Pricing

Set tiered prices and charge different amounts based on how much is ordered. 

Herb Categories

Categorize your herbs for easy searching

Create your Dispensary

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