About Us!

At DispensaryTree we are passionate about herbs and utilizing the latest technology to organize and manage any size dispensary. We built the best dispensary software because we know how complicated and expensive it is for every dispensary to create their own platform. 

What is It?

Welcome to the most sophisticated and easy to use software for your growing herbal medicine dispensary.


Our vision is to offer herbal medicine dispensary software that is accessible to everyone, in a highly secure environment Through our development we have managed to create a customized platform that will suit the needs of different practitioners.


Up until now managing a herbal dispensary has been tedious, time consuming and expensive. Following proper protocols for inventory, lot number tracking, managing expiry dates and conforming to the latest rules and regulations is almost impossible when you are doing it manually.


DispensaryTree Software automates and organizes herbal medicine for any size dispensary. Whether you want to organize your own small dispensary or sell to other practitioners, you can do it all with our software!

Who is it for?

For Practitioners

Perfect for health care clinics who need a system to track herbal medicine and products for use by their patients only.

For Schools

Join other schools using our software to manage a herb school dispensary! The perfect solution to educate students on proper dispensary management.

For Enterprise

Designed for businesses who want to sell herbal medicine and other products to an unlimited number of practitioners around the world.

Ready to Start?

Contact us directly if you have any questions

or fill out the form on the right to get started setting up your dispensary with your risk free 30 day Trial.  


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